Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Photo Challenge

Yes, I realize it's not quite February yet (ALMOST!), but it's my favorite month so I'm already super excited. In the next few weeks I have a whirlwind of exciting things happening. My very first hair coloring experience is happening this weekend and I'm a mixture of nervous and super excited to try something new. But not drastic. Not ready for that yet. Next weekend my momma is coming to visit and we have all kinds of fun things planned, including a trip to Scott Antique Market and Momma/Daughter mani/pedis! And then the NEXT weekend is my 23rd BIRTHDAY! The bestie and her hubby are coming up for a fun weekend of Atlanta shenanigans and then relaxing quality time in Blue Ridge at their family cabin. I could not be more excited!

But back to the title of this post. To hold me accountable for posting more regularly, I've decided to join in on this February Photo Challenge that I see a lot of you lovely ladies will be doing. And it just so works out that on my birthday the photo is of a drink. :) Champagne anyone??

Can't wait to see what some of your photos are!

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