Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rocky Road

The title is perfect for this post but now I'm craving some ice cream... Anyways... While enjoying some delicious baked ziti (if I do say so myself) with my wonderful friends last night I received a call from Nick asking me if I would do him and a favor and pick him up. Naturally I said sure and then he proceeded to inform me that he got a flat tire about 40 miles outside of Tallahassee. So I bundled up and hit the road, driving a bit faster than normal (which is like 20 mph than most probably consider "safe"... sorry Ky) because I was afraid he would freeze to death. It wasn't until I arrived and saw him perfectly safe and warm that I realized just because a car gets a flat doesn't mean the heat doesn't work.

So flat tire: rocky road numero uno. Complete blonde moment: rocky road numero dos. Ice cream craving I've decided to succumb to: rocky road numero tres.

Love, hugs, and lovely misadventures...


Ky said...

total blonde moment on the phone with the retell of this story... our brains must be in cahoots :) and you will thank me one day about trying to warn the obnoxious led foot that you have when you are safe and sound and not dead on the side of the road. k thanks bye.

MarketGuru said...

haha funny. check out my blog too!