Friday, April 1, 2011

Sprite and the Bridge to Nowhere

Dear Sprite,

I'll be depending on you for the next couple of days. You know who is coming and she's already rearing her ugly head. So to avoid the nausea and hold me over until I get my appetite back (does anyone else LOSE their appetite when it's that time of the month or am I abnormal!?). Also, I'm going camping tonight so I'm really, really, REALLY going to need you to work your carbonated magic. Got it? You're the best.

The girl that really hates this time of the month.

Ok, sorry about that. I'm struggling today. But on the camping note... we're going on an adventure to find the Bridge to Nowhere! Not the Sarah Palin bridge - the SoCal bridge! Here's a picture.

From what I hear, the Governor of California back in the 1930s ordered a bridge to be built in the San Gabriel mountains. The bridge was obviously meant to connect to a road on each side creating a mountain pass. However, for some reason the road was never built and now there is a bridge in the middle of nowhere! So of course we feel the need to go hike to it, and... ummm... bungee jump off of it! I'm not even crazy about roller coasters so I am definitely not jumping off a bridge while attached to a cord. No thank you. But of course, NTP is. "It's on his bucket list" which is another way of saying, "I really want to do this and I know if I say it's on my bucket list you'll let me." So tonight a bunch of us will be setting up camp in the wilderness and tomorrow morning, bright and early, we'll trek across the mountain (unless my "visitor" decides to incapacitate me), cross a river multiple times, and I'll tape the crazies jump off the bridge.

"And if they told you to jump off a bridge would you do that too!?"

Apparently yes.


MLD said...

Same thing happens to me, before hand I eat everything, but when it is actually that time I have no appetite at all. Strange.

ABM said...

Lol! i WISH i lost my appetite... instead, i eat everything but the kitchen sink!