Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

It's no secret that things have been rough over the past year. From moving across the country, 6 months without a job, eventually getting a job where I'm constantly frustrated and cry in the car at least once a week, deciding to go back to school and then realizing I can't for at least another year or two, and now moving back to the southeast and practically starting over. I'm having abnormal girl problems (I won't go into detail, but we'll just say I feel like I'm drying up), that have had me constantly concerned for about 5 months now. My dad, a nutritionist and prior professor of anatomy and health, has told me over and over that what's happening is natural and he doesn't think anything is wrong. I've seen a doctor who says I'm fine, but I'm getting a second opinion when I get home just to make sure. Who knows, maybe it's just the BC the last doc put me on. I want to have kids someday and this kind of thing really scares me. I also have to have another ear surgery in the middle of June. I'm not as concerned about it as I was the last time because I at least know what to expect. It's going to hurt, and it will be rough, but it could be worse.

Basically, I'm struggling to put all my faith in God. I know he has a plan and I know he won't give me anything I can't handle. In my heart I know that completely. But my head won't stop worrying. A year of constant stress is probably what's causing half the health problems in the first place! I'm physically and emotionally exhausted and I'm so so so ready for things to work out and fall into place.

But there's only one thing to do. Take a deep breath, say a prayer, and carry on.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for you dear...these times are rough, I know. But you are a strong woman and you will get through it! Hold your head high and of course call me *anytime*!