Friday, May 6, 2011

Old Faithful

I've officially listed Old Faithful for sale on craigslist. :( Sad day. I've already had one phone call, but I completely chickened out that I wouldn't know any answers to their questions that by the time I shoved the phone in NTP's hand to answer we missed the call and they didn't leave a message. Lame.

I have two weeks before I leave California to sell her and if I don't (or I get offered under $1500, then I'm giving her to charity so someone that really needs her can enjoy her as much as I have.

I've been completely emotional about selling my sweet car. We've been through so much together, ya know!? I got her from my mom when I was 16 and we've been together ever since. We made it through high school and endless trips to the beach, through a rear-end collision on a bridge one rainy night after the bestie's birthday celebration in Orlando (with only a scratch on the back bumper! Hello super safe Volvo!), we went to college together and enjoyed driving through tree covered canopy roads in Tallahassee, and then we drove across the country together to California! She's a trooper and I love her dearly.

I'm going to cry buckets when I sell her/give her to charity, but it's time. Time to move on to a new chapter in my life. I'm trying to think of moving back to the Southeast as a fresh start and not a step back. It's time for a new car, in a new city, in a new state, to make new memories in for the next 13 years.

I love you Old Faithful. I hope your next owner loves you as much as I have.

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Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

I was so sad when I had to part with my first car that I had bought. Hope you are able to sell her. :)