Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy bee

Whew! The past few days have been a whirlwind. A nice whirlwind though. :) From shopping in antique stores (Where I got this adorable chair!), enjoying the sunshine at the beach, and getting/making birthday presents for practically EVERYONE I know (somehow they were all born in June!) I've been a busy girl.

Last night I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Cafe Tu Tu Tango, in Orlando with my second family. It was Momma Lesa's birthday and we went all out to celebrate. Picture this... Psuedo-sis considering jumping on the table to dance, our waiter ACTUALLY getting on a table and announcing Momma L's "21st" birthday, everyone showing off their own unique "club moves", and a table full of the most delicious food you can imagine (including my fave - the at least 4 or 5 inch tall ice cream and cookie sandwich... YUMMMM!).

Today the bestie and I got up early (WHY!?) to go for a run. We immediately regretted last night's decision to do this. However, we're not quitters so we did our little run. The rest of the day is consisting of laundry, birthday present wrapping, baking, and heading to Orlando for the psuedo-sis and Bee's birthday BBQ.

Have I mentioned how much I love summer? :)


Kristen said...

cute chair! =]

ams said...

LOVE the chair - super cute!! Great find! :)

Tracy Langgle said...

I love that chair. It is adorable.
I hope Mrs. Lesa had a great birthday! sounds like it!!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Such a cute chair!! :)

Ky said...

hello hello! make sure you stop by my blog...I have a little sometnin' somethin' for you!- P.S. I miss your face!

sealaura said...

what a sweet chair. Sounds like you are enjoying summer. :)