Monday, June 15, 2009

The simple joys of life...

Don't you love it when the little things make you incredibly happy!?

Like last yesterday for example... I had a fabulous morning run, church was great, I got to see the bestie for a while, had my second lesson on driving a stick shift (I got to go on the big girl road!! AND didn't wreck the truck!!! Go Ally, Go Ally...), drove out to McDonald's with Andrew and got sweet teas for us and nice juicy quarter pounders with fries for the homeless guys by the interstate (which is ALWAYS a good feeling), and then managed to make it to work without being too incredibly late. Work was great, as usual. We had a bioluminescent tour last night with about 30 patrons. Philip, Andrew, and I were the guides and while it wasn't the most exciting group of patrons, it was still nice to be on the water. Philip and Andrew both had to tow a double. Ouch. HOWEVER! That meant the tips were much nicer. We each got enough to go to Denny's after we packed up and got paid! And let me just say that buffalo chicken tenders at 1 am after loading and unloading kayaks and trying to entertain patrons are one of life's simple pleasures. After our delicious treats, we sat in the parking lot listening to music until Philip and I hit the wall and decided it was time for bed. I took quick shower to get all the river gunk off me and hopped in bed where I literally smiled to myself about how wonderful a day I had.

Life's little pleasures... keep coming my way. :)

Love, hugs, and the simple things...

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