Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh what a day...

Yesterday was quite the day. I had planned on sleeping in and taking my time getting packed and making sure I had all the school stuff I needed for a weekend at home (the pseudo-sis's bridal shower is tomorrow!). However, the morning had other plans for me.

Instead of blissfully sleeping till noon, my poor roomie woke up the hibernating bear (me) at 8 am to inform me that I needed to get out of bed because the pest control people were on their way to the house. En route. Mind you, I've had no coffee yet. Or food. And I'm not exactly a sweet southern belle in the morning. Yet here I am, in my pajamas, coffeeless, foodless, showerless, and am faced with the task of packing for the weekend in 5 minutes. I found a bag and started throwing clothes into it, randomly grabbed textbooks, and managed to grab a cinnamon roll before heading out the door.

So I called my loves that live in an apartment complex nearby and asked if I could crash there for a while. And as luck would have it, they were on their way to the bus stop. Go figure. I talked them into waiting for me to get there and promised I would drive them to class. So that's exactly what I did. Dropped them off at campus in my pajamas with my hair in a big crazy mess, no makeup, and basically looking like death warmed over.

After a hot shower and clean clothes I was in a much better mood for the long drive home. And at the end of that long drive home was dinner with my momma and some quality time with a really great guy. :) We went out to the river to watch the shuttle go up and had a really great time just talking. Could this be the start of something? ;)

Love, hugs, and days that get progressively better...


Tracy Langgle said...

Hey we haven't heard from you lately!! :(
What's new??
September 22~ Happy First Day of Fall!! :)
Love, Mrs. Tracy

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Elise said...

yes, same to you ! Have a great weekend too