Saturday, August 22, 2009

The princess and the pea

When I get in bed I want to practically sink into it. Like disappear. I want the mattress to be soft and the mattress topper to be a nice big fluffy addition of wonderfulness. A friend lounging in my bed one time called it a "cloud bed". An appropriate description.

So imagine my horror when the bed my parents lugged all the way from our place in NC was about as soft as the Rosetta Stone. But have no fear! The mattress topper is here! Wrong. The mattress topper I bought from Target was lumpy and the opposite of comfy.

Commence Mission Find Mattress Topper.

To make a long and lumpy story short, after what felt like a dozen trips to Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Macy's, I ended up using the original lumpy mattress topper as well as a super plush Martha Stewart one on top of that. They added so much fluff that you can barely see my headboard. However, the goal was achieved. :) I sink when I crawl in and no one would ever know there is a rock of a mattress underneath.

Just like the Princess and the Pea...

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