Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Journalist's Red Carpet

I've got some exciting news for y'all! Well, it's exciting for me and I'd like to think y'all want to celebrate and share in an interweb toast with me. Anyway, I'm a finalist for an Associate Press Award! Woohoo!!! (Insert happy dance.)

Apparently my mentor from college, a news director in Tallahassee, submitted one of my sports reporting features to the AP, which has a big awards ceremony each year for tons of different categories. I didn't even realize I had been nominated, let alone a FINALIST until today! Myself and my amazing editor, Alyse Danikowski, are up for "Best Sports Feature of 2010." Pretty sweet huh!? And what's even cooler is that we're up against another FSU alum! 'Noles are sweeping the board baby! So regardless of who wins, the Seminoles rock. :)

However, I would really like to win so fingers crossed! (I'm a little competitive if you can't tell.)

The video in question is below. Please disregard the awful stand-up. It was about 10 degrees with super strong winds and the athlete kept flirting with me so I was little awkward. But the rest is awesome!

Have a great Thursday y'all! (Insert one more happy dance for good measure.)


ABM said...

oh my gosh, CONGRATS!!!! =) and of course... i love hearing that my fellow Noles are sweeping the boards!

Ky said...

Hello don't you think thebestie deserves. Courtesy call?!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! That's SO exciting!!!

elizabeth Langgle: said...

proud of you al :)