Saturday, December 6, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

It's been a crazy/fun weekend so far and I'm feeling a little guilty for not posting as often as I should. But with a lack of ideas, unless you want to hear about "Justin" the guy with the dog that Lauren and I had a deep discussion with on Landis Green this morning, I've decided to fill ya'll in on a few of my favorite things.

My wonderful, if not quirky, southern family.
My crazy, supportive, loyal, energetic, loving, precious friends.
Books. Look bookworm up in the dictionary, there's my picture.
Writing. Love it.
Sweet tea. And I mean SWEET.
Coffee. No need to elaborate.
The mountains. Carolina's preferably.
Music. The kind that makes you so happy you can't help dancing.
Dancing around in my underwear. Don't judge.
BBQ. The ultimate comfort food.
Jim & Milt's.
Reading outside.
Cold weather. Hot chocolate, bundling up, snuggling in front of a fire.
Christmas. Favorite holiday.
Homemade presents.
A great pair of jeans.
Shopping. It's an addiction.
Getting dressed up.
Lounging in pajamas.
The smell of apple cinnamon in the winter and suntan lotion in the summer.
My crazy eyes.
Plaid flannel shirts/jackets.
Animals. LOVE them.
Sports. Soccer. Volleyball. Track. Football. Baseball. Waterskiing.
Jewelry. What girl doesn't like shiny stuff?
And last but not least...
Love. Unconditional, overwhelming, intoxicating love.

Love, hugs, and the 411...

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