Monday, December 1, 2008

My name is Ally and I have an addiction...

They say the first step toward recovery is admitting that you have a problem, or addiction.

Well I admit it, ok!?

I've come to the conclusion that I'm prone to addiction. Coffee, good jeans, books, Gilmore Girls, and shopping (the big problem). I went out today to run a couple errands and look for something gold to wear for Seminole Showcase. I didn't find anything gold, but I did end up with a pair of boots, a plaid button down shirt, a navy blue sweater to go over the shirt, a boy's plaid flannel shirt (to wear as a jacket - trust me, it's cute), a white snazzy shirt to wear for S.S., 3 books (2 are presents for friends!), $4 (all I had left) to the hungry guy on the corner, and an assortment of other things that I may or may not have needed.

I actually had to have
Plan Acourtingly
come out to the car and help me carry everything into our building!

It's a problem.

Oh well... everyone has their guilty pleasures. ;-)

Love, hugs, and broke...


elizabeth Langgle said...

boots! :)

SouthernBelle said...

We're too much alike. I'm sure you'll look darling... and where else should you do with your money... throw it away... or hang it in a closet?