Friday, March 27, 2009

My car hates me.

Old Faithful is getting a little cranky in her old age. (I think she hears me talking about the Jeep Wrangler I can't wait to trade her in for and she's rebelling.)

Needless to say, I've had another misadventure in my 11-year-old Volvo.

Lately it won't shift into gear without me having to hold down a button (shiftlock override) while I shift. Well... today I had the same issue, but just pressed down the button and shifted like usual. I parked outside Sears Auto to bring the boyfriend some lunch, turned off my iPod, opened the door, turned off the car and went to step out when I was oh-so-ungracefully yanked back inside. The fluid movement of me pulling my keys out of the ignition while sliding out of my car was violently disrupted by the fact that my keys would not come out of the ignition. So I wiggle them around for a minute and realize that unless I want to risk breaking the key off with my brute strength, I better call the b.f. for some help. (Luckily I was parked outside Sears Auto, as mentioned.) He told my to pull the car into the garage and he'd see what he could do. So I did as told and when I went to turn it off this time, the key came right on out.

Ok, Old Faithful. Way to screw with my head.

So I went along with my day, running errands around town. I had an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed at 1:15 and pulled into the parking lot on the dot, when I was once again yanked back into my car by the stubborn keys. This time I spent 20 minutes, along with my hairstylist in heels, trying to coax the keys out of the ignition. Nothing.

Aaaannnndddd back to Sears. I park the car and the keys refuse to come out. Again. But at this point, at least Old Faithful is being consistent. I look up to see the b.f. walking towards the car and I have an idea. I look at the aforementioned shiftlock override button and it is pushed in. So I push it to make it pop back out and TADA!!! The keys slide out effortlessly.

So one missed eyebrow wax appointment, a gallon of gas, and an hour later, I've conquered Old Faithful's rebellion. For now. Who knows what's next.

Love, hugs, and dreaming of Jeep Wranglers (but don't tell O.F.)...


Belle- Pink Cupcake said...

what model is old faithful? I have the same issue, although mine is 17 now! My volvo a few weeks ago as I tried to put it into drive after backing out of my driveway refused to move. It was in drive and I kept on pushing the gas and it was just revving the engine! I put it in park, turned it off, turned it on, put it into drive and AGAIN same issue.. just revving! I called my dad who was 10 miles away to come help me because I was blocking the street and when he came he got in and put it into drive again and it went right away. I HATE THAT! I felt so stupid. haha! Maybe all volvo's are trying to make us look like we dont know what were talking about?

elizabeth Langgle said...

mine does that too sometimes... I just move the steering wheel around and it usually comes out eventually :)

Ky said...

you are one silly, silly goose :)