Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Starry eyed


Following post will be sappy and is not recommended for those that hate Valentine's day, mushy love songs, or movies like Pride and Prejudice and You've Got Mail.

I'm smitten. Starry eyed. Glowing. Daydreaming 24/7. It's pretty pathetic.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be headed back home for a long weekend. The main reason for going home is because I have a training day for my summer job (I'm a kayak tour guide) on Sunday, but I'll also get to see the new b.f. a lot and his darling puppy Coal. (I'm smitten with both.)

Tomorrow night the b.f. is cooking me dinner (how cute is that!?), then we're going shopping (which ya'll know is one of my favorite activities!!), and we'll end the evening by playing and cuddling with sweet Coal.

Friday I'll spend the morning in Sunrise Bread Co. drinking one cup of coffee after another while trudging through loads of homework, paper writing, and studying. Friday afternoon will be spent with Coal :) and then double date with Dubbie and Shanbino.

Saturday is what I'm REALLY looking forward to. BEACH all day, baking my famous pumpkin bars (or rice crispie treats, can't really decide), then primping (who doesn't love getting ready for a party!?), and off to the Bestie's and Bobbus's BBQ in Oviedo! SOOOOOO EXCITED! I just saw her 3 days ago, but I miss her like whoa. And Bobbus too of course. Plus the food is going to be UH-MAY-ZING!

Sunday is training day! Excited about that. :) It will go pretty late and if I left afterwards I wouldn't get back to Tally until around midnight or later so I'm just going back Monday! :) Rough life eh?

So I can't wait to see the b.f. ::sappy sigh::, Coal, the bestie, and all my friends. (This is in no particular order, by the way.)

Love, hugs, and daydreaming <3

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Ruggy13 said...

I hope you have fun!!! :-)