Friday, April 3, 2009

Sorry I haven't had time to blog in the past few days. I've been preparing for next week. I have 2 tests and a lot of studying to do, as well as papers to write. So I hunkered down the past few days and got all my papers written and started the study guides for the two tests.

You're probably thinking, "Wow, she's really doing that ahead of time. How responsible. She must be a good student!" Well... no. I'm the one that skips class... often. But I'm blessed with enough intelligence to still do well in classes. Thankfully. I digress... the reason for doing all of this ahead of time is because the bf is coming to visit Sunday for a whole WEEK!!!! (Here's the sweet bf and I last week at the bestie's BBQ...)

So as you can imagine, I'm uber-excited and would rather spend time with him than study. Hence the past few days (and next one and a half) of total school-mode. I even went to most, well... some, of my classes this week! :)

I'm off to finish cleaning my room and doing some more studying before finally crashing into bed!

Love, hugs, and... LOVE!

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