Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank God for friends...

I'm proud to say I have the most amazing friends in the whole world. They're kind of a big deal. So when one of them sent me this a few days ago it really hit me. Everything will be ok. :)

"The way she sees it,
If you want rainbows,
You gotta have rain.
So she pulls up her bootstraps in the storm
And goes out looking
For puddles to play in.
She brightens up every dark place...
Selflessly lifting, soothing, and serving.
She finds joy in the journey
In both the hills and valleys...
And just about everything makes her laugh!
For her, laughter in the face of adversity
Is the finest sound there is!
She has a great attitude!

...go get 'em sister friend."

Love, hugs, and playing in the puddles...


Tracy Langgle said...

I love this--is it a proverb from The Message or just some other amazing thing??

AllyRae said...

I honestly have no clue where it's from, but I love it!