Friday, May 14, 2010

Caio Bella!

Bonjourno! I'm back from Italy and it feels so good to be home! I love me some pasta, pizza, and wine, but I'm definitely ready for grits, bbq, and sweet tea! After 13 hours of being on the plane yesterday and 2 hours trying to make it through Atlanta customs, we are finally back home in Georgia. I'll be posting pictures as soon as I find the cord for my camera (as well as pictures from graduation)! The picture above is from the island of Capri off the Amalfi Coast. The water was soooo blue! I thought I'd seen beautiful water growing up in Florida, but this was just unreal.

A short synopsis of what I learned in Italy:

It's really really old. The Roman Colloseum was around LONG before Christ.
Italians drive like maniacs. Let's just say 2 lanes was always made into 4 or 5. And our taxi driver had us up to 160 km/h at one point. Sheesh.
The history is unbelievable. I've been in the church were Peter is buried, seen tombs from the 1400s, and walked the same roads as Jesus once did.
The art is breathtaking. The Sistine Chapel, David, The Pieta, everything was so awe-inspiring.
The men are REALLY friendly and love blondes. I was even proposed to in Venice.
Venice is sinking, so go see it soon if you can!
Comfort is not Italian women's number one priority. High heels are a must apparently.
Pizza is nothing like American pizza. (It's wayyyy better.)
And last but not least, the wine. Ohhhh the wine. :) Magnifico!

Love, hugs, and arrividerci!

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Tracy Langgle said...

Welcome Home Ally!! I am glad you are safe and sound and had a wonderful time!! What a special trip!! Sounds magnifico!!!! Cannot wait to see pics and Congratulations on your graduation!

Love Mrs. Tracy