Sunday, May 23, 2010

Retail Therapy

Since my visit to L.A. has been postponed due to the surgery and since I've slowed down the job search a little in order to focus on healing (and because everyone wants to hire someone NOW, not 2 months from now), I've partaken in a little retail therapy (thrifty style) and have worked on getting a professional wardrobe together for interviews and (hopefully) a job.

I got super lucky and somehow managed to get this lovely Banana Republic skirt on double-sale, as I like to call it. It ended up being half the original price!

Unfortunately the websites where the rest of my purchases reside won't let me copy the pictures, so maybe I'll take some pictures later and post them. Think nautical (white cropped pants, navy flowy shirt, and nude pumps) and one of my favorites - a cobalt blue shift dress (from TARGET!). All on sale. :)

I also loaded up on birthday presents for my wonderful roomie and lovely bestie. So many summer birthdays! I love it!

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