Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lovely finds and next purchases

I love, love, love blue hydrangeas and have been trying to get ahold of some to plant. Maybe I'll be able to bring a little bit of the south to Los Angeles in August.

Three Designing Women Ellington Stamp - Expressionery I love the elegance of this stationary stamp design and plan on ordering one as soon as I find out where my new address will be come August. Just like any good Southern lady, Momma taught me the importance of thank you notes and these stamps would make a lovely seal. For gorgeous hand-drawn and custom designed stationary check out!

These glassware pitchers from Juliska are perfect for fresh lemonade in the summer. I especially like the big clear pitcher.

This little blue vintage medicine bottle is also on my next purchase list. I love how they transformed it into a flower vase and hung it with a ribbon.

Hope you found these as lovely as I did. :) Now I just need a job so I can afford them...

Love, hugs, and beauty...

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