Thursday, June 3, 2010

The big day

I'm currently packing a little overnight bag full of super comfy clothes and blankets and whatnot. We head to Gainesville later this afternoon and find out when my surgery will be tomorrow. If all goes well, I should be home and eating ice cream with my baby-sitting bestie by tomorrow afternoon.

I'm definitely nervous about it. I've had surgery on it before, but it was a very different procedure. This time we have no idea how bad it will be or how much the disease has spread until they go in, so I'm pretty nervous. And call me crazy, but I think what scared me most is when the doc was talking about how they would make an incision behind my ear in order to get in and then put it back in "pretty much the same place" when they're done. Pretty much??? No, no. That ear must be in the EXACT same place as it was before.

Here's to hoping my ears are even. :)

See ya'll post-op!


elizabeth Langgle: said...

i love you and your beautiful ears. you are smothered in prayer :)

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Hi!! Just found your blog!! I'm not up to speed on your surgery situation but I will be praying for you! I think it's great how easygoing you seem to be about the whole thing! That's awesome! Your post made me laugh out loud about your ears!! I hope they are even when it's over!! :D