Friday, June 25, 2010

Willpower where are youuuu??

I am having the hardest time maintaining some self-control (shopping self-control, that is). I managed to leave ModCloth without pressing the BUY button, but now my sights are set on something else. Of course.

I've been looking at these adorable recipe card boxes from Preppy Paper Girl for a couple weeks now. However, upon reading her blog today I saw that she is now offering them in Lilly print. I'm practically swooning over the Lobster print. And the price is not bad at all. Especially including the monogram. Yet I can't seem to fork over the money. (And some that know me very well would say there's no point since I don't cook very often...)

Just something else to add to the buy-when-I-get-a-job list. But I figured I'd share with all you lovely ladies that don't already follow her!



Ashley said...

Left you something on my blog!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Oh girl, ModCloth is a trap for my wallet! Isn't everything on there just adorable?

Love your find...soooo cute!

A Wedding Story said...

I love that recipe box!! SO cute!

Lindsey said...

those recipe card boxes are too cute!! that would make such a great gift!