Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another amusing chapter...

Sometimes I picture my life like a novel, a series of chapters, each one more incredulous than the rest. With all the hilarious and truly mind boggling things that happen to me you'd think I would get used to all of it, but unfortunately, no... my clumsiness and often absentmindedness seem to attract, if not cause, all these insane occurrences.

Well ya'll enjoy this chapter...

Yesterday I was driving to the stadium to film my package partner, Rebecca's, standup. I was jamming out to "Chicken Fried" on my iPod, which was plugged into the tape deck through a fairly long cord. (You've seen those things.)

Anyway... I'm driving along and the song ends so I pick my iPod up off my lap and go to change the song when I realize I need to make a turn. I grab the wheel with both hands, iPod still hanging on in between my fingers when it suddenly yanks out of my grasp and I realize that I've managed to get the cord attached to my iPod wrapped around my steering wheel during the turning process. Unfortunately, I couldn't just untangle it immediately because I still had three more turns to make before I could safely park.

By the time I finally got into a parking spot, I had successfully wrapped almost the entire cord around my steering wheel. No problem, right? Just unwrap it, Ally, duh. Well I would, except the cord had squeezed into the tiny gap behind the steering wheel and whatever the base of it that attaches to the dashboard is called. (Can you tell I'm not very car savvy?)

So I messed around with it after filming Rebecca and 45 minutes later I had it unwrapped. Except then it was caught on something. I try and squeeze my head in between the big wheel and my blinker switch (which kept going off because I kept hitting it, as well as the wipers, which must have been quite a sight to people walking by) and start wiggling the cord to coax it around the small little metal rod it's caught on. It got in there somehow, so it has to be able to get out, right?

Well after getting extremely dirty, apparently my steering wheel had been greased to make it turn smoothly (in case you're wondering, of course I got grease all over my hands and face... not attractive), I finally decided to see if I could fit a finger in the tiny crack and move the little metal rod. My fingernail was just long enough to reach the rod and so I pushed it, and it simply moved out of the way without putting up a fight, the cord came right out, and the rod moved right back into place when I let go.

Yep... all that work and all I had to do was push a little metal rod/button thing. Wow.

It was quite an interesting hour or so and I imagine it will also be an interesting chapter in the Book of Ally.

Story of my life.

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