Monday, January 12, 2009

Novel writing tips...

Considering the title of this blog and the fact that my ultimate career goal is to be a published novelist (preferably a successful one), I thought it would be only fitting to give a few tips I've found that help me when developing a story.

Fiction Writer's Connection advises unpublished writers to "start with an important action." Us newbies to the industry don't have the luxury of building up suspense - we have to hook the reader (which is really an editor or publisher) right away.

Another important tip is to develop conflict. What is a story without an issue or problem that the characters have to deal with? It's just boring and no one will want to read it. Seriously.

My personal favorite - "Develop a main character your readers can identify with, worry about, and root for." This pulls the reader into the story and provides that welcoming escape from reality. Readers want to feel like they have a connection with the characters and the most successful writers know this, and use it extensively.

And perhaps most importantly, Fiction Factor tells novelists to stop focusing on writing a novel; "readers want to read a story."

And to add a touch of broadcasting so I don't get rusty...

Staring at a blank computer screen or all too white sheet of paper? Tune in next time for some tips on curing the infamous case of writer's block.

Love, hugs, and putting pen to paper...

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