Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well that doesn't make sense...

A friend in one of my classes directed my attention to the weekly forecast on his mac's screen. Tuesday: Low - 29 degrees. Rain.

Now hold on a sec. Last time I checked, 32 degrees was freezing, which makes 29 BELOW freezing. And if it's going to rain, doesn't that mean it will freeze on the way down? Thus creating... SNOW!!!???

So needless to say I got quite giddy at the thought of snow. So I woke up this morning and after rolling around a while, trying to ignore the alarm clock, I remembered the forecast. I jumped out of bed and flew to the window, throwing the blinds around and getting tangled up in them in the process.

What did I see?

No snow. Just wet, cold, rain. I turned on the TV to see what the temp was - 48.



Cassie said...

I adore your giddiness AHart...it is what makes you so delightful. =] And I know how you feel about the snow, but unfortunately as Floridians we may never see real snow =[ just cold, wet, rain...like always.
love you

.T said...

Snow is over rated in my South Florida Boy opinion :-P. Not to mention its cold, and who likes that? I'm going to take a hot bath. All this talk about snow is making me shiver.