Monday, February 16, 2009

Hiatus - fail.

and I decided this afternoon that we are going on a boy hiatus. Considering our recent luck in that department, we figured it might be best to just forget about 'em. Everyone says you find love when you least expect it, right?

So we began our boy hiatus feeling very liberated. But not 60 seconds into this liberating boy ban and every single male we see is hot, like jaw-dropping hot, the kind of hot you just don't see every day and least of all 50 in ONE day. It was ridiculous, really. We just walked around looking like idiots with our mouths gaping open and cursing our luck.

But of course that would happen. Of course.

4 hours after embarking on this new journey we came to another mutual agreement - the boy hiatus was a bad, bad idea.

1 comment:

babbler said...

Do temporary boy hiatuses! They seem to work! I was on a boy hiatus when I met my husband, Mr. Slug!