Friday, February 27, 2009

Blue Ridge, here I come!

My car is packed and after my quickly approaching poli sci test I am hopping in my darling Volvo for a road trip to gorgeous Blue Ridge, GA. The bestie's family has a fabulous and oh-so-cozy cabin in the mountains so we're heading up for a weekend of relaxing fireside. (There will be vast amounts of studying and paper-writing involved, but it's ok when you're sitting here... doing it!)

And this is where I'll be enjoying banana pancakes and coffee in the mornings...

And this is where I'll sit and watch it SNOW on Sunday! (With coffee and a good book of course.)

And this is where I'll loosen up those tight muscles from driving through Atlanta traffic at rush hour. (Yep, that's a hot tub next to a fireplace.)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!

Cabin love <3


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

The house is gorgeous!!


Is this cabin for rent to the public? It is beautiful!!!