Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kissing frogs

I just read in an article that said "the average woman kisses 79 men before getting married."


That's a lot of frogs, I mean men.

So I decided to count up how many I've kissed and see how far I have to go before finding the oh-so-sought-after prince. 17 down. 62 to go.

You've got to be kidding me.

Maybe I'll start a kissing booth. Make some money and get the 61 out of the way all at the same time.

So pop a mint and pucker up 'cause I've got work to do.


babbler said...

It took me, Mrs. Slug, a verrrry long time to find my Mr. Slug, but the wait was well worth it. He came along right at the time I had decided to give up on the idea. We locked eyes, and it was all over. It was as simple as that. The kiss took awhile to get to. The eyes told me everything I needed to know. Look those frogs squarely in the eye and you won't have to kiss them until you find the one worth kissin'! Turn on your heel and run if it does not feel right! Remember elementary school! Boys had koodies! I believe kissing is far too intimate to take lightly - Go forth and kiss carefully and thoughtfully....but most of all, very selectively. This is Mrs. Slug's two cents worth.

elizabeth Langgle said...

here's to being un-average :)