Saturday, February 21, 2009

WHAT!? & Water fun

Sad news ya'll... while having a marvelous time in T-Vegas, GA (delicious food, gorgeous churches and homes, and oh-so-fantastic shopping) we came to a horrible realization. THERE IS NO DUNKIN DONUTS IN THOMASVILLE! We drove up and down Remington Ave, where said DD was supposedly located and found nothing. Not a hint of chocolate frosted with sprinkles to be found. So we went into this really cute store to look around and asked the lady behind the counter if we were just blind and couldn't find it.

"Oh, no, we did have one but it just closed."

WHAT!? NOOOOOOO... (picture this is slow motion). So we left Thomasville happy but donut-less.

Today was another eventful day as CBK, Liz, and I went out to FSU's Reservation (the Rez - a 70-something acre park with a huge lake, beach volleyball courts, swimming, etc.) and rented a canoe. Liz gets in the front and I take my position in the back to steer with CBK in the middle just relaxing. No sooner than the very handsome staffer pushes us off and CBK says, "Guys, my butt is wet. I am sitting in water." But it's not like she can move because then we'd tip over. So poor CBK toughs it out so I can have my hour of heaven out on the water. By the time we get back to shore, she's soaked. (She did not find this as amusing as I did.) She does manage to keep her wet bottom hidden from the very attractive guys working, an impressive task. So then it was off to get her into some dry clothes, J&M for some BBQ, WalMart for donuts (::sigh::), and Borders for more books (I had 2 coupons!)!!

Tomorrow we are heading back to the gorgeous Rez for some kayaking :).

Here's to keeping your butt high and dry.

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babbler said...

Here's to keeping your tail powdered and soft! Love from "Mrs. Slug" in Oregon! Love yer blog!