Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today I learned how to drive a stick shift. And I fell madly in love.

My friend Andrew offered to teach me on his Toyota Tacoma. So we went out to the church parking lot and gave it the old college try. After stalling out a couple times in the beginning I got the hang of it and within 5 minutes I was doing great!

Then my big mouth mentioned that I'll be driving a stick in Tallahassee where it is very hilly. So Andrew told me to go over to a hill on the other side of the building. After many violent tries and stalling out a couple times, I can now say I am somewhat a pro at getting going on a hill. He even stood behind the truck as if there would be another car there to make sure I wouldn't hit it. And... I didn't kill him so I must have done okay!

So all-in-all, lesson numero uno went very well and I'm looking forward to the next one where I get to go on the main road like a big girl! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love is in the air!

A big congratulations is in order for my pseudo-sis and her new fiance!! Ashley of AshleyBrookeDesigns and her absolute soulmate Manolo got engaged last night in Central Park while visiting NYC for a stationary show!

I think I screamed for a good 10 minutes when I heard the news I was so excited! I can't wait to see the happy couple when they get back and I look forward to seeing them grow together in love for many years to come.

Ashley I love you like the sister I never had and now I've got a pseudo-brother-in-law too!

Love is certainly in the air...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy falling in love with a house

Hello hello! So so so sorry I haven't blogged lately. My friends have already gotten onto me about it so here I am again! The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind. From officially starting my summer job (and absolutely LOVING it!) to running around with friends, and making a quick trip back up to gorgeous Tallahassee where we finally found THE PERFECT HOUSE! We signed the lease Friday morning and I'm so excited!

The house is so charming. There's a big front yard and huge backyard where we plan to put our slip n' slide and kiddie pool so we don't die of heat in August and September. It's also where the hammock will reside along with the old-fashioned wood and rope swing I'm going to try and talk the bestie's boyfriend into making to hang from the big oak tree. There is a little screened in porch on the side where we could put some rocking chairs and the inside of the house is precious. Hardwood floors, wood paneling on the walls. Old windows inside the house, skeleton key doors, nice big kitchen (actually there are 2 kitchens because it used to be a duplex! The bestie loves this :] ) where we can house all our mason jars and sweet tea, and overall it's just the cutest house I've ever seen. It's close to campus, in a good neighborhood, and the bus practically comes right up to our frontyard! Talk about "meant to be."

I'm already looking at Southern Living magazines to get some ideas on how we can decorate. We've already got an adorable collection of eclectically mismatched furniture and knick-knacks that are going to make it home for us. My grandpa is graciously providing us with a beautiful solid wood kitchen table and some other antique furniture that just needs a good paint job and some sanding for that amazing distressed look.

For some reason I'm in a planting mood and I'm researching hydrangeas and daisies (my favorite flower... the happy flower :] ). I'd love if we could have a little vegetable garden in the backyard somewhere as well as some gorgeous flowers to add some color. I think we're also planning on composting so if anyone has tips on how to compost or any tips on the best way to plant some gorgeous hydrangeas let me know!

It's all very exciting and I can't wait until August 1st! :] Well I'm off to Lowe's to see if there are any hydrangeas I can experiment with here while I'm at home!

Love, hugs, and southern living...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Preview of the new novel!

I've been on a writing frenzy today and thought I'd share with ya'll the preface to the new novel I'm working on. It's titled, "The Misadventures on the Road to Love" and will hopefully find its way to completion eventually. Let's be honest, I don't exactly have the best reputation for finishing my books. But I'm praying that this one is the exception. Anyway... since I'm so excited, I figured I would give ya'll a little peak so you can tell me what you think. Be honest!

The search for love is like a road trip. For some lucky people, the ride is a short one. For others, it’s like hopping on I10 in Jacksonville, Florida and wanting to shoot your brains out around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But like all road trips, the journey to love has its twists and turns, ups and downs, pits stops and speed traps, and I’ve certainly had my fair share along the way.

I’m Madeline Rae Johnson, Maddy Rae for short, and welcome to my incredibly insane love life. I lead a relatively normal life, but when it comes to relationships, I tend to have some weird ones. The kind you can only read in books or see in movies. And no, not The Notebook.

You see, as my friends say, I tend to attract crazies. They call me a “crazy magnet.” I personally don’t think all the guys I’ve dated should be considered loony, but some… well… you get the picture. I’ve come to the conclusion that this unfortunate phenomenon occurs due to a combination of factors.

Factor number one: it’s my nature to see the good in people. I tend to overlook things such as friends warning me, “he’s just not good enough for you” and finding out three years later that he dropped out of high school because he got a girl preggers (word of advice: your friends are always right!), or “the perfect guy” telling me he’s never had a girlfriend… in his entire 25 years of life. Some might see that as a sign. My warped mind thinks, “Aww, he’s waiting for the perfect girl! That could be me!”

Factor number two: the universe is out to get me.

Okay, so I don’t really think the universe has it in for me, but the thought has certainly crossed my mind. On multiple occasions. But that’s beside the point. The point is, that while my love life is twisted, unreal, and often unbelievable (and has been since my first crush way back in pre-school) it makes for a good story. A hilarious one in fact.

So if you’re single and wondering what the heck is wrong with the opposite sex, join the club. And if you’re happily in a relationship, count yourself lucky. Regardless of where you fall in those categories, sit back, relax, grab a bowl of popcorn and buckle up. It’s a bumpy ride.

Let me know what ya'll think! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sun, sand, and scary movies?

My life feels like a Bob Marley song right now. Well it did while I was at the beach soaking up the sun today. :) I got to spend some time with the always beautiful C, and have a delicious lunch at the always fantastic Sonny's. Yummmm! I can already tell it's going to be a great summer.

(I didn't puppy-sit for pseudo-sis due because she ended up not going out of town. By the way.)

The remainder of the afternoon was spent unpacking. And I thought packing was exhausting... Jeeze. Thankfully Dubbie came and saved me from my misery - we went to Blockbuster, McDonald's for some sweet tea, and grabbed us some Chinese takeout. We then made our way home where we proceeded to pig out on said takeout and watch the most terrifying movie I've seen in a looooong time. The Uninvited. Terrifying. Gotta love movies with a twist. And this was not just any twist... this was like a knot - a flipping army ranger knot or something. It was insane. Aaaannnndddd... Dubbie couldn't stay the night because her boyfriend was waiting for her. So now I'm sitting in bed scared to turn out the light. Great. So much for sleep.

Also got some news from biffle Rusty saying he might come visit! I'm used to seeing him every day in Tally, but now it's summer and I'm here and he's there. So a visit would be nice!

Well I'm going to attempt to get some sleep. We'll see how that goes.