Friday, May 28, 2010

Book in Progress Preview!

As many of you know (or can tell by the title of this blog) I love to write. I've been working on writing a novel for a few years now, but either lose interest or just get stuck. However, I think I've finally got a winner. I read a little to my bestie this morning and the fact that she laughed out loud numerous times boosted my confidence and made me even more determined to finish this baby.

So without further ado, I present the first part of the prologue to "The Misadventures on the Road to Love." (I'll post the second half tomorrow!)

“Love needs no map, for it can find its way blindfolded.” - Anonymous

The search for love is like a road trip. For some lucky people, the ride is a short one. For others, it’s like hopping on I10 in Jacksonville, Florida and wanting to shoot your brains out around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But like all road trips, the journey to love has its twists and turns, ups and downs, pit stops and speed traps, and I’ve certainly had my fair share along the way.

I’m Madeline Rae Johnson, Maddie Rae for short, and welcome to my incredibly insane love life. I lead a relatively normal life, but when it comes to relationships, I tend to have some weird ones. The kind you can only read about in books or see in movies. And no, not The Notebook.

You see, as my friends say, I tend to attract crazies. They call me a “crazy magnet.” I personally don’t think all the guys I’ve dated should be considered loony, but some… well… you get the picture. I’ve thought long and hard about this and have come to the conclusion that this unfortunate phenomenon occurs due to a combination of factors.

Factor number one: it’s my nature to see the good in people. I tend to overlook things such as friends warning me, “he’s just not good enough for you” and finding out three years later that he dropped out of high school because he got a girl preggers (word of advice: your friends are always right!), or “the perfect guy” telling me he’s never had a girlfriend… in his entire 25 years of life. Some might see that as a sign he’s afraid of commitment. My warped mind thinks, “Aww, he’s waiting for the perfect girl! That could be me!”

Factor number two is much more simple: the universe is out to get me.

Okay, so I don’t really think the universe has it in for me, but the thought has crossed my mind. On multiple occasions. But that’s beside the point. The point is that while my love life is twisted, rough, and often unbelievable (and has been since my first crush way back in pre-school) it makes for a good story. A hilarious one in fact.

So if you’re single and wondering what the heck is wrong with the opposite sex, join the club. And if you’re happily in a relationship, count yourself lucky. Regardless of where you fall in those categories, sit back, relax, grab a bowl of popcorn and buckle up. It’s a bumpy ride.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Job Hunt Trifecta!

Woohoo! I finally managed to get a picture of the shift dress I got from Target recently! So what do we think? Will this get me hired?? I can't wait to try it out on interviews. I'm having a little trouble thinking of what shoes should go with it though. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I'm also super excited to hand out my new calling cards from Ashley Brooke Designs! Aren't they gorgeous!?

Applying for a seemingly endless array of jobs has me a bit tired. So to take a break, I went out and got the movie Post Grad starring one of my all-time favorite actresses, Alexis Bledel. I love this movie poster! Her expression is exactly what I look like when I take a peek in the mirror every afternoon. Alexis plays a girl who just graduated college and is looking for her dream job at a publishing firm in L.A. Sound familiar!? I figured since it's basically an exact parallel of my life right now I should watch it and try to learn something.

Next on the job search to-do list: fix my not-so-professional nail polish job. You're welcome Ky. :)

Love, hugs, and landing a job (or at least having fun while doing it)...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Retail Therapy

Since my visit to L.A. has been postponed due to the surgery and since I've slowed down the job search a little in order to focus on healing (and because everyone wants to hire someone NOW, not 2 months from now), I've partaken in a little retail therapy (thrifty style) and have worked on getting a professional wardrobe together for interviews and (hopefully) a job.

I got super lucky and somehow managed to get this lovely Banana Republic skirt on double-sale, as I like to call it. It ended up being half the original price!

Unfortunately the websites where the rest of my purchases reside won't let me copy the pictures, so maybe I'll take some pictures later and post them. Think nautical (white cropped pants, navy flowy shirt, and nude pumps) and one of my favorites - a cobalt blue shift dress (from TARGET!). All on sale. :)

I also loaded up on birthday presents for my wonderful roomie and lovely bestie. So many summer birthdays! I love it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prayers, please.

I know the good Lord won't give me anything I can't handle (or so I keep telling myself, over and over and over...), but it's certainly wearing me out.

Most of you already know I have a history of ear problems. Well I went to Shands in Gainesville this morning to figure out what's going on once and for all. So what two emergency room doctors and three ENTs thought was wrong is actually far from it. I don't have a hole in my eardrum... it's worse. I have a disease in my ear that formed a growth on the eardrum and caused it to collapse. But that's not all... like all diseases, if it's not treated quickly it will spread - to places like major arteries and the brain. So in case it already HAS spread to my brain there will be power tools waiting nearby in case they need to drill into my skull. Needless to say I'm absolutely terrified. The surgery is scheduled for June 4th so any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated.

I can't fly for four to six weeks afterwards so now I have to go through the joy of changing my flight to LA. I really, really miss Nick so this was a bit of a blow as well. But better to get things taken care of now than later.

THEN I come home and research one of the companies that requested an interview with me and found them on This is about the THIRD time this has happened to me. But maybe I'm not getting a job for a reason. Maybe it's so I can focus on healing. I think I'm long overdue for that.

I pray that ya'll find healing in any way you need it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lovely finds and next purchases

I love, love, love blue hydrangeas and have been trying to get ahold of some to plant. Maybe I'll be able to bring a little bit of the south to Los Angeles in August.

Three Designing Women Ellington Stamp - Expressionery I love the elegance of this stationary stamp design and plan on ordering one as soon as I find out where my new address will be come August. Just like any good Southern lady, Momma taught me the importance of thank you notes and these stamps would make a lovely seal. For gorgeous hand-drawn and custom designed stationary check out!

These glassware pitchers from Juliska are perfect for fresh lemonade in the summer. I especially like the big clear pitcher.

This little blue vintage medicine bottle is also on my next purchase list. I love how they transformed it into a flower vase and hung it with a ribbon.

Hope you found these as lovely as I did. :) Now I just need a job so I can afford them...

Love, hugs, and beauty...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Caio Bella!

Bonjourno! I'm back from Italy and it feels so good to be home! I love me some pasta, pizza, and wine, but I'm definitely ready for grits, bbq, and sweet tea! After 13 hours of being on the plane yesterday and 2 hours trying to make it through Atlanta customs, we are finally back home in Georgia. I'll be posting pictures as soon as I find the cord for my camera (as well as pictures from graduation)! The picture above is from the island of Capri off the Amalfi Coast. The water was soooo blue! I thought I'd seen beautiful water growing up in Florida, but this was just unreal.

A short synopsis of what I learned in Italy:

It's really really old. The Roman Colloseum was around LONG before Christ.
Italians drive like maniacs. Let's just say 2 lanes was always made into 4 or 5. And our taxi driver had us up to 160 km/h at one point. Sheesh.
The history is unbelievable. I've been in the church were Peter is buried, seen tombs from the 1400s, and walked the same roads as Jesus once did.
The art is breathtaking. The Sistine Chapel, David, The Pieta, everything was so awe-inspiring.
The men are REALLY friendly and love blondes. I was even proposed to in Venice.
Venice is sinking, so go see it soon if you can!
Comfort is not Italian women's number one priority. High heels are a must apparently.
Pizza is nothing like American pizza. (It's wayyyy better.)
And last but not least, the wine. Ohhhh the wine. :) Magnifico!

Love, hugs, and arrividerci!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Headed to Italy!

As of 9 am this morning I am now a Florida State University alumnus! It was a crazy day... fun but also really emotional. And now it's time to head to ITALY!!! My mom and I are going on a 2-week expedition around Italy as my graduation present. :) I promise to take lots of pictures and of course I'll be keeping a journal so I can let ya'll know how it goes!

See ya'll in 2 weeks!

Love, hugs, and gelato!