Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catch up

Whew! It's been a rough and tough couple weeks, but now, for the most part, the storm has passed and things are starting to get back to normal. Now time to play catch up!

My beautiful bestie over at
Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
sent me a couple awards that I have yet to formally accept and pass on. So here goes!

Thanks Ky! As well as...

Here are the rules:
*Each blogger must post these rules.
*Each blogger must list ten random facts/habits about themselves and pass the award on to other recipients.
*The award recipients then need to do the same.
*Don't forget to leave a comment telling the recipients about the award!

My Random Facts:
1. I love sweet tea more than I've loved several boys.
2. My left eye is half blue and half brown.
3. I've attempted to write a few novels and still seem to think I'll finish one someday.
4. I'm a water bug. LOVE the water.
5. I live for some good NC BBQ.
6. I'd rather drive a stick shift.
7. My best friend could be my twin.
8. I sleep with about 8 pillows.
9. I want a hound dog really bad.
10. Daisies and blue hydrangeas are my favorite flowers. :)

I'm passing this honor onto...
The always hilarious CBK @
Plan Acourtingly

The beautiful Liz @
Let's Learn to Love

and last but not least...
Miss Grits over @
Puttin' on the G.R.I.T.S.

Thanks and enjoy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Livin' the good life

Last night I headed to work and was actually about 3 minutes early! For those of you that don't know me... this is a rare phenomenon. Anyway, I got to the office and Andrew was already there and Philip followed shortly. Then two of the newer guys and Randy (kind of our boss) showed up and we loaded up in the trucks. Lucky Philip and I got the one with no radio and no AC. So it was windows down and singing for us. Rock Show and Swing were the main songs of choice. Yeah... just picture that. Two bathing suit clad white kids singing Swing at the top of their lungs in a super old 4Runner towing a trailer full of kayaks to the middle of no where. It was a good time. :)

We got to the loading area and unloaded all the kayaks, washed em out, blah blah... There were two large groups so instead of putting them all in one big 50-something people tour, we kept them in the two groups. Andrew, Philip, and I took the first group of about 30 people and then Randy and the other guys took the second group later. I love working with Andrew and Philip and we seriously had a great time, even though Philip and I would really have enjoyed sleeping. We had a super fun group, which included two guys in a double that felt the need to hit on me the ENTIRE tour. I mean literally following me around, calling me their sweetheart, the whole nine yards. Normally, I would have had a few choice words to say to them. However, this is a business in which tips are greatly appreciated. So I fired right back at them, flirted shamelessly, laid out that southern charm so thick that Philip and Andrew were looking forward to checking out the tip jar after the tour to see how much "Momma Hoss" brought in. Haha. WEEELLLLL... a nice older gentleman gave us $11. The two ridiculous guys... nothing. We were all shocked. But hey, $11 is $11 and that was just enough for us to get some McDonald's on the way home and eat in the bed of Andrew's truck. Nothing like fine dining at 12:30 a.m.

It's a good life. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

The simple joys of life...

Don't you love it when the little things make you incredibly happy!?

Like last yesterday for example... I had a fabulous morning run, church was great, I got to see the bestie for a while, had my second lesson on driving a stick shift (I got to go on the big girl road!! AND didn't wreck the truck!!! Go Ally, Go Ally...), drove out to McDonald's with Andrew and got sweet teas for us and nice juicy quarter pounders with fries for the homeless guys by the interstate (which is ALWAYS a good feeling), and then managed to make it to work without being too incredibly late. Work was great, as usual. We had a bioluminescent tour last night with about 30 patrons. Philip, Andrew, and I were the guides and while it wasn't the most exciting group of patrons, it was still nice to be on the water. Philip and Andrew both had to tow a double. Ouch. HOWEVER! That meant the tips were much nicer. We each got enough to go to Denny's after we packed up and got paid! And let me just say that buffalo chicken tenders at 1 am after loading and unloading kayaks and trying to entertain patrons are one of life's simple pleasures. After our delicious treats, we sat in the parking lot listening to music until Philip and I hit the wall and decided it was time for bed. I took quick shower to get all the river gunk off me and hopped in bed where I literally smiled to myself about how wonderful a day I had.

Life's little pleasures... keep coming my way. :)

Love, hugs, and the simple things...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy bee

Whew! The past few days have been a whirlwind. A nice whirlwind though. :) From shopping in antique stores (Where I got this adorable chair!), enjoying the sunshine at the beach, and getting/making birthday presents for practically EVERYONE I know (somehow they were all born in June!) I've been a busy girl.

Last night I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Cafe Tu Tu Tango, in Orlando with my second family. It was Momma Lesa's birthday and we went all out to celebrate. Picture this... Psuedo-sis considering jumping on the table to dance, our waiter ACTUALLY getting on a table and announcing Momma L's "21st" birthday, everyone showing off their own unique "club moves", and a table full of the most delicious food you can imagine (including my fave - the at least 4 or 5 inch tall ice cream and cookie sandwich... YUMMMM!).

Today the bestie and I got up early (WHY!?) to go for a run. We immediately regretted last night's decision to do this. However, we're not quitters so we did our little run. The rest of the day is consisting of laundry, birthday present wrapping, baking, and heading to Orlando for the psuedo-sis and Bee's birthday BBQ.

Have I mentioned how much I love summer? :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My new anthem

"God is great. The beer is good. And people are crazy..."

Ain't that the truth!?

Sorry for the lack of posts :\ I'm a slacker. I promise to undergo some misadventures to entertain you with soon. The only misadventures I've been on lately are pretty sad I don't really feel like broadcasting them. :\

Love, hugs, and God, beer, and crazies...