Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Photo Challenge

Yes, I realize it's not quite February yet (ALMOST!), but it's my favorite month so I'm already super excited. In the next few weeks I have a whirlwind of exciting things happening. My very first hair coloring experience is happening this weekend and I'm a mixture of nervous and super excited to try something new. But not drastic. Not ready for that yet. Next weekend my momma is coming to visit and we have all kinds of fun things planned, including a trip to Scott Antique Market and Momma/Daughter mani/pedis! And then the NEXT weekend is my 23rd BIRTHDAY! The bestie and her hubby are coming up for a fun weekend of Atlanta shenanigans and then relaxing quality time in Blue Ridge at their family cabin. I could not be more excited!

But back to the title of this post. To hold me accountable for posting more regularly, I've decided to join in on this February Photo Challenge that I see a lot of you lovely ladies will be doing. And it just so works out that on my birthday the photo is of a drink. :) Champagne anyone??

Can't wait to see what some of your photos are!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Introducing: Puppy Love

Hey y'all! I know, I know. I suck at blogging regularly. It's one of my New Year's Resolutions to be better about it, though, so hang in there with me! Things have been INCREDIBLY busy. NTP got a job, lost the job (agency lost some big clients and had to make cutbacks - last one in, first one out kind of thing so keep him in your prayers please!), had a great Thanksgiving with the family in LaGrange, planned and threw an awesome, if I do say so myself, office Christmas party (for 200 guests), managed to make it home for Christmas after a wreck on the way to the airport (bummer, I know), and survived the remaining days of 2011 with... wait for it... a PUPPY!!!!

Yep, that sweet little face you see is my new little man, Mason. We named him Mason Rhett because it kind of looks like he has a dark mustache, just like Mr. Butler. :) He's a sable cockapoo, half cocker spaniel half poodle, and we love him. The bestie would tell you that I have my pulling out my hair moments because he's definitely a handful (thanks for listening to all my whining Ky), but the sweet cuddly moments make all the peeing on my carpet and biting my brand new J.Crew sweater worth it.

Here's some more photos of the little nugget. Bear with me, they're iPhone photos so they're not the best quality ever, and we don't have very many because we're too busy trying to keep him from eating everything in sight. But more to come, I promise! And if any of you have any awesome training tips we'd be more than happy to hear them! The potty training is going pretty well. It's the biting that we're struggling with right now. And when we say "NO!" he seems to think we mean "Oh that was so fun, keep jumping at momma's face and biting her hair!" Sooo yeah. Help please.

Hope everyone is doing well and that your New Years' Resolutions stick!