Monday, October 25, 2010

Potential Halloween Costume

I've been a little slow on the Halloween costume this year. Normally I'm ready to go in September, but this year it has come down to the wire. So I thought, "Who or what can I be that doesn't require buying anything new (I'm broke) or doing anything extravagant?" Then NTP asked me to come up with something for him as well. So then I started thinking of couples costumes and came up with... drumroll please...

Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman! Nick just has to slap on a bushy mustache and a suit and I just have to... well... dress like I did for the past three years of on-air reporting. However, I think I'm going to visit Goodwill and try to find a cheap pink suit because the only suits I have are black or navy. Or I may end up going with my black and white tweed skirt and a black blazer. I think we also have some mics hanging around (you can tell we've been in news, huh?) so I don't need to make those. What do ya'll think? Good enough for a last minute costume??

Love, hugs, and smelly pirate hookers...

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Favorite Ballad

When it comes to Southern music, the ballad is the foundation. It's meant to make you think, strike your emotions, and pull at your heart strings. I came across this song today and can't stop listening to it. It may seem a little morbid, but I think it definitely has a deeper meaning and I'm completely smitten with the sound of this band. The girl's voice is un-be-lievable! I hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I do. P.S. You may want a box of tissues nearby just in case...

Oh how I adore my Noles

I would just like to take a moment to revel in the way this fall football season is going thus far. The Noles are on FIRE! (We may not have played super super well this past Saturday, but hey, a win is a win.) Ponder is just as beautiful as always. AND Auburn is undefeated! (and never fails to keep fans on the edge of their seats the whole game.)

Fall football is making me very happy this year. :)

Love, hugs, and the end zone...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sneak Peak!

Guess who's been a good girl and working diligently on her novel! ME! All you authors know that some days you may think everything you've written is absolute crap and other days you're on cloud nine just knocking out beautifully worded paragraph after paragraph. Today is one of those cloud nine writing days for me. :) The windows are open, a cool breeze is floating through, my pumpkin spice candle is burning next to me, and words are flowing like white water down the Ocoee River. See? I'm on a roll.

So in honor of my cloud nine writing day, I thought I would give ya'll another snippet of my novel in progress. Let me begin by saying that I STILL need some hilarious dating misadventure stories from all you lovely ladies. There are short diary entries between each chapter highlighting some funny dating misadventures, all based on true stories, like the one I'm giving a sneak peak of today. So ladies, please comment or e-mail me some of your funny dating stories! I can't wait to hear them! :)

Dear Diary, November 10, 2009
The girls next door that I share my dorm bathroom with have a friend in town. A guy. I met him today. He’s pretty cute, I guess. Not really my type. He was wearing lots of black. I’m more of a colorful person myself. Anyway, the girls gave him my number for some reason and now he’s been texting me and calling all day. He even invited himself over to my room for coffee tomorrow morning. Is it just me, or isn’t that weird? Regardless, I decided to be nice and give him some coffee. I will have my pepper spray readily available, though, in case he turns out to be a psychopath.

Dear Diary, November 12, 2009
Turns out the reason he wore all that black is because he’s dark. We sat in my room and had coffee yesterday morning and he informed me that his favorite color is black, he’s a socially liberal atheist, and loves insanely dark movies and books. I thought, ok fine. This obviously won’t work out because I’m a socially conservative Southern Protestant that likes wearing Lilly Pulitzer, watching chick flicks, and reading Jane Austen.
Apparently those huge differences meant nothing to him and he was heart-broken by my rejection. So he smashed some poor girl’s windshield in, thinking it was my car, with a fake Star Wars Jedi sword he keeps in his trunk.
Good thing I had the pepper spray handy. He was a psychopath.

Love, hugs, and life's misadventures...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh Regis and Kelly

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Live with Regis and Kelly. And it's also no secret that I want to be Kelly Ripa. Or at least have her job. And a beautiful husband named Mark Consuelos. Moving on...

The past couple days I slept in too late to watch the show live (which I guess isn't really live since I live on the west coast right now, but whatever) and my TV was in the living room instead of my bedroom, which houses the DVR. So I had to get NTP to move the TV back into my room so I could watch the past couple recordings of the show. Well the TV wouldn't work. I started to freak out a little. My breathing was short, I got all clammy, my mind was racing... I'm pretty sure those are withdrawal symptoms. Luckily NTP finally got the TV up and running and I'm currently taking care of my Reg and Kelly fix. Whew.

Love, hugs, and close calls...

P.S. Dear Kelly, if you ever feel like retiring please give me a call. I would be happy to entertain Regis for you. :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates...

I realize I haven't blogged in almost a week, which in the blogging world may as well be 10 years. However, my momma has been here so I think I deserve a break, right?? Glad we agree. :)

Anyway... I had an interview for yes, ANOTHER unpaid internship this past Friday. It was with a very prestigious PR firm in Beverly Hills. The interview was certainly not what I expected. It turned out to be a group interview. We're talking about 14 girls from all over the world (I met an Aussie girl and LOVED her accent!) and 1 guy. Anyway, we were instructed to hand in our resumes and references and then take notes on a movie made by the owner of the company. It was all very interesting. It seems the owner is a very inspirational man and I did take a few wise remarks away from the video. My favorite - "No one said life was easy, and it's certainly not fair, but it's win-able." I like that. Anyway, I'm not really sure if we all got the internship or how that works, but we were supposed to e-mail the assistant with our availability. We'll see how that goes.

Also, I got in touch with a friend of a friend of a friend (oh networking) who is in PR out here and we're going to meet for coffee next week sometime to talk and see if I may be a good fit for her firm! She also gave me info on other companies in the area that are hiring and said she'd pass my resume along to a VP of a firm that she works with! I'm praying a paid position comes from this networking connection. Wouldn't that be swell!

In other news, the weather here has started to cool down (thank goodness!) and we've got the windows open enjoying the cool valley breeze. I'm definitely missing a Southern fall though. BUT... drumroll please... NTP and I have decided to move back to the east coast!!! Probably in the Atlanta area. It won't be until April or May, but I'm still very excited to be closer to my family. I'm a homebody, and while this has been and will continue to be an adventure, I'm ready to go home.

AAANNNDDDD I'm looking forward to my first care package from the bestie! Whoop whoop! I can't wait to see what's inside and will definitely post pictures when it arrives!

Now if you've made it through this novel, thank you very much for listening to my boring life stories. I appreciate the love. :)

Love, hugs, and surviving...