Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spontaneous Susan

A series of events set an uncalled-for weekend into motion. To make a long story short... I drove home Friday. Yep. Woke up, went to the gym, did laundry, and then decided to go home, for various reasons.

On my way home I received a call from the boy (Ryan) saying he was going to get the puppy he's been looking at for the past couple of weeks. So as soon as I got home we went and picked up the most precious little creature I've ever seen. (See adorable picture below.)

We named her Coal and she's a total mutt (there's at least 4 breeds in her that we're aware of), she's gray with gorgeous blue eyes, absolutely loves her daddy (Ryan), and likes to snuggle with her mommy (me). She also loves lounging on Aunt Ashley's lap on her back (as you can see) and sleeping under Aunt Ky's couch. And she's got a friend in the always sweet Lucy.

Saturday Coal and I went to Petsmart and got some toys and then headed to Orlando to spend time with the bestie, Bobbus, and pseudo-sis. Ryan came up for dinner and a movie after work and we just enjoyed all hanging out. (I miss them A LOT when I'm at school.)

This morning it was back to Tally and then house shopping with Miss Elizabeth. It was really rough going at first and we were pretty down until we stumbled across a house we'd seen online. But not just any house. The perfect house for us. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. (See perfect picture below.)

So we're praying that it's still available come August or that they'll go ahead and let us sign a lease now (even though August is 5 months away). Keep us in your prayers! It's in a perfect location - it's a pretty quiet neighborhood in the woods (we're all country girls), huge porch (my favorite part), in our price range, close to the Rez (where we kayak)... it's just perfect. Plus, do you see all that parking underneath it!!?? Haha. We've already planned out where to put the hammock and rocking chairs. I'm pretty sure we'll be doing drive-by's everyday. The neighbors are going to be creeped out, but oh well.

So then we decided to end the day's house-hunt on a good note and headed to Jim & Milt's for some sweet tea and BBQ. Good night.

Now I'm going to half-unpack (I'm going back home next weekend too. Kayak training day and super-fun BBQ at Bubbus's) and then go to bed. I got sleeping to catch up on because Coal wouldn't really let us sleep this weekend, but she's so darn cute what can you do?

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Ky said...

I love Cole :) ...and you silly