Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh... what a weekend.

Yes, I realize it's Tuesday, but my weekend lasted from Thursday through Monday so today is kind of my Monday for me. If that makes any sense.

Where to begin??? Well Thursday I drove to T-ville where I went over to the bf's house and hung out for a while before playing with the sweet precious puppy. We then spent the rest of the evening with Dubbie and Tatie watching TWILIGHT and eating junk food.

Friday morning everyone went to work or school (haha!) and I took Roxy (my backpack) to Sunrise Bread Co. to enjoy some coffee and do some homework. It was tres relaxing and needless to say, I didn't really get as much done as I wanted. And you've already read about my Old Faithful's hissy fit that day, so I'll just skip over that. Friday after the bf and Dubbie got off work we went to Sonny's where we enjoyed delicious bbq and an awkward encounter with the bf's ex. Oh well, such is life. Then it was back to Dubbie's, Shaner (Dubbie's bf) came over, we sat on the porch for a while relaxing, then crashed in front of the tv watching Hot Rod (funny!). Unfortunately, there was not much sleeping going on because Coal is apparently nocturnal. Here's a pic of the sweet girl...

Saturday morning was girl time with Dub. We went to breakfast and shopping around town until we decided we were wayyy too tired to walk anymore and went back to the house to rest a little before the bestie's BBQ! We finally got dressed and the boys came over after their little play-date and we caravaned over to the bestie's bf's in Oveido. The BBQ was sooooooo much fun! It was definitely a night to remember. Well, some might remember it. Anyway, we had a great time and I got to see my bestie which is always my favorite thing about coming home! (And Bee's party dip.) A couple pics from the partay...

Sunday we SLEPT IN! FINALLY! Uncle Seth was puppy-sitting Coal so we finally got some sleep. Mama Haskins made a huge southern breakfast for us and we devoured it in about 10 seconds. Then I was off to a meeting with my summer bosses and a couple other guides for some information about what's expected of us and whatnot. It went pretty well, but I definitely have a lot to learn. Sunday night the bf, myself, Dub, and Shaner went on a double date to Waterford to see "Knowing". Creepy, but good. Gotta love Nicolas Cage.

Monday we slept in again, went out to lunch, and then the bf and I took Coal to get her shots. We waited 2 hours for a shot that took 2 seconds! I was a little peeved. After that I packed up, got a kiss goodbye, and headed back to Tally. After stopping at a drive-thru for some dinner and getting back onto I-10 I was promptly pulled over by an admittedly nice policeman.

"Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" - Officer
"Ummm... to be honest? No." - Me
"89." - Officer
"Oh. ::terrified face::" - Me

And so I got my first ticket. Going 19 miles over the speed limit. Thankfully he gave me the ticket as if I was only going 79 and decided to "overlook" my broken brake light. So now I have to pay Baker County $116 within 30 days. Lucky me.

And did I mention that I was in a hurry to get back because I had a group project paper due last night? Or that I have a 5 page paper for an exam due Wednesday that I haven't started? Or that I have 3 tests next week? Yeeaaaahhhh...

So I woke up early this morning to get started and just took a break to post this and look at rings online at Tiffany's. Audrey definitely had it right... Nothing can go wrong at Tiffany's.

Here's to trying to survive...


Chelsea said...

Ah! This post made me want summer so bad! Sounds like you had a good clean relaxing fun weekend!

And AMEN to Tiffany's. Mmm Mmmm Glam!

AshleyMarie said...

Hey, that's funny! I just finished reading Breakfast At Tiffany's last night... and she was so right on the money :)

babbler said...

That cop was so nice! He could have thrown the book at you, but instead you get to throw the book at yourself. Study hard and get an A! Regards, Mrs. Slug