Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Dear Professor Houck...

I really don't see the need to give us an uber-hard exam the Thursday before Spring Break, especially considering we just had an exam barely two weeks ago. And because of this upcoming exam, I'm having to sit in my room on a beautiful day and try to figure out the study guide you gave us when I should be packing for SB '09, a mixture of sand & sea with snow & mountains. I should really be getting my bathing suit and sundresses together for the few sunny beach days I'll get at home, and all my warm sweaters and ski/snowboard gear for my splendid 6 days in Utah! Alas, it cannot be, because my nose is in my textbook (which doesn't have the answers to the questions on the study guide) and I'm praying I don't fail (because after all, my mind is elsewhere).

So once again, thanks a lot. Thanks a flipping lot.

A. Hart

P.S. I can't wait till professor review time. Mwahaha...

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