Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Travels

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones and delicious food! Christmas day, like every year, I traveled up to LaGrange, GA to see my huge and amazing family. We always get together on the 26th to do a big Christmas, which I loved as a little kid because I had Christmas two days in a row. This year there were a lot more people crammed into my grandparents house as our family continues to grow. It was an especially exciting Christmas because my first cousin brought his girlfriend and while she was washing dishes so I could keep cooking, I noticed a little sparkle on her left hand. Soon after, they announced to the whole family that they are engaged! It was an exciting day and full of laughter and soooo much yummy food. BBQ, coleslaw, potato salad, fruit trays, carrot cake, snowballs, cookies, and much much more. It was also really nice to catch up with some of my favorite cousins, one of which, in true redneck fashion, invited Nick and me back up in a few weeks for a "Beaver dam blow-up" party. We have a beaver problem on part of our farm and they've managed to flood about 36 acres, and Buck is determined to blast them to the moon, so naturally Nick and I will be there to enjoy the show.
Today we made the 8-9 hour drive back home to T-ville and tomorrow afternoon I'll be getting right back in the car and heading up to Niceville, FL to see Nick :) and meet his family. It's been over two weeks and we're kind of starting to miss each other. I've made pumpkin bars, snowballs, and picked fresh grapefruit and oranges to bring up there. Basically I'm bribing his parents to like me. Hopefully it works. :)
Once again, I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas and best wishes for 2010!


jlc said...

Hope you have a happy New Year !!

elizabeth Langgle: said...

you are going to blow up BEAVERS???? i think my heart just broke a little.

Alyson said...

the beavers are ruining our land! mostly we're blowing up their houses and maybe they'll get the point and move. sorry liz :(

Tracy Langgle said...

Most likely the beavers will sense all the happenings to come and move out before the actual event. No worries, however the state wildlife dept. may give you traps for them to relocate them first so they won't start building again. :)

Happy New Year!!