Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh Titusville, how is it that you NEVER change? Oh a little road construction here and there, sure, but the mall? Still empty. Publix? Still where you'll see everyone and their mom/cousin/2nd grade teacher. Sunrise Bakery? Still the best coffee. And the annual Christmas Parade? Still the biggest event of the whole year. Trust me, EVERYONE in T-ville will be there, including me :) Just because I poke fun doesn't mean I don't participate.


Tracy Langgle said...

Hey we were there!! We were walking in it with Park Avenue behind Mrs. Gretta's dancers!!! Our group had skateboarders and bikers and a band as a closer. WE passed tons of candy, stuffed animals, and bibles out. Sorry to miss seeing you, I did see Luke and Ashley though, back from Tally as well. Have a Merry Christmas Ally!!

Mrs. Tracy :)

Ky said...

awwe mannn...I wish I could have made it! I guess one of two parades this year isnt all that terrible though lol