Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I woke up this morning looking forward to shopping with my momma and spending time with friends, but knowing that this is only day 2 of 7 that I wouldn't be able to talk to Nick since he's on a Caribbean cruise and will be out of the country. So my momma and I went to Viera to finish up our Christmas shopping and were very successful. On the way home we picked up our Christmas cards and my phone started ringing. I thought, "Gosh I wish it was Nick calling", thinking it was my dad or someone else. But when I looked at the caller ID it was none other than the very person I wanted to talk to! I answered and Nick said, "SURPRISE! I have international calling! I thought it would be a nice little surprise for you. Well at least I think I have an international plan..." Haha, so anyway I got to talk to him for a while and am now a very happy camper. I'm choosing to overlook the fact that he's in Cozumel on a beach soaking up the sun and I'm in tiny town, Florida addressing the never-ending stack of Christmas cards.

Love, hugs, and good surprises :)

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