Thursday, July 26, 2012

{Outfit Post} Vintage Blue

This is yesterday's OOTD. A vintage blue breezy belted dress and nude platform wedges, which I found at Payless, believe it or not!

And here's a close-up and better look at the dress's actual color. I especially love the print. It's little apostrophes! I am such a nerd...

I think I mentioned last week that I'm in charge of renovating and redecorating our entire corporate office. It's been much more of an undertaking that I anticipated. So as cute and comfy as those wedges are, I do NOT, I repeat, do NOT suggest wearing them shopping. After running all over Atlanta yesterday afternoon hunting for tile, paint, baskets, wall hanging, frames, etc., I now have no less than three Mickey Mouse bandaids on my feet from the blisters. Beauty is pain, right? 

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