Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekend Reading

TGIF. For real.

This weekend is jam packed with fun stuff. Tonight NTP and I are meeting another couple for dinner at a fun restaurant here in Atlanta, tomorrow morning my apartment complex is having a big garage sale and I'm hoping to sell some clothes I don't wear anymore, then we're headed to the farm in LaGrange to do some work and see my parents, then Sunday it's back to ATL for Mason's grooming appointment and a much-anticipated trip to the Dekalb Farmer's Market. Whew!

But during the down time (if there is any) I'll be reading "Mark Twain: A Life" by Ron Powers. I got this biography for Christmas a couple years ago (or one year ago? I can't remember) and just hadn't gotten around to reading it. So last week when I finished Rules of Civility and found myself novel-less and no room in the budget to go stock up on more, I decided I'd learn a little bit more about one of my favorite authors. And let me tell you this book is no joke! I'm a nerd, so I actually kind of enjoy reading biographies, but this has to be the most interesting I've read. It's written in such a way that it actually feels more like a story than just a chain of events. It probably helps that Mr. Samuel Clemens led a really interesting life, but still, I'm really enjoying this biography.

Do y'all have any good book recommendations? I'll probably be back in Barnes & Noble scouring the racks again in a couple weeks and would love some suggestions. :)

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