Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

My mom came to town Saturday morning and we had a GREAT girls' weekend together. We started with manis, of course, and I got what I like to call my Barbie manicure. Barbie would totes sport bright pink nails and sparkles, right!?

After manis we got some delicious Philly cheesesteaks at Galla's and then headed to the mall for some shopping. Mom was on the hunt for a khaki skirt and I was on the hunt for NARS Schiap lipstick. Neither one of us was successful. :( Sephora was all out of Schiap, but I did get to see a sample and decide if I really want it. I do. :)

After shopping we spent the rest of the evening snuggling with Mason and watching the Olympics before heading to Yogli Mogli for some froyo (a Hart girls tradition).

Sunday morning was full of awesome worship and a great message at Buckhead Church, followed by a delicious lunch at the new Tin Lizzy's in Dunwoody.

Mom had to head back to LaGrange shortly after lunch to take care of some stuff on the farm, so I had a very relaxing afternoon snuggling with the pup, watching the Olympics, and enjoying this nice adult beverage. Perfect for a hot July afternoon. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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Sarah said...

I love your nails, since I work with kids every time I paint one finger nail different they have so many questions as to why and I can never answer them! haha