Monday, October 13, 2008

Burn baby burn...

I think I should probably slow down on the brownie sundaes. I know this sounds crazy coming from me and that some of you are absolutely shocked these words are coming from my mouth (or fingers, I guess), but it's true. So why am I contemplating this drastic change in my lifestyle? Because the brownie sundae gods spoke to me today, and they weren't happy.

Courtney came over to watch the Samantha Who? season premiere and eat some yummy brownie sundaes. So I make the brownie mix as usual, put it in the usual brownie sundae coffee mug, and put it in the microwave for the usual minute and 15 seconds. Recipe for success, right? I mean, even I can't get that wrong. I've been doing this like three or four times a week for years! So the timer went off on the microwave and I reached in to take it out. I made it halfway to my desk when I realized the mug was practically on fire and my thumb and three fingers were burning. Natural reaction - drop the mug. So then my wonderful FSU coffee mug from Primrose shattered and uncooked brownie mix splattered on the floor. Uncooked! I can't figure out what happened? So anyway, Courtney did hers and it turned out fine, and I did another one and it turned out fine, and we both enjoyed our delicious desserts after Court brought down some paper towels so I could clean up the chocolate mess.

We watched the amazing Samantha Who? as I iced my poor fingers and now I'm typing to you with my swollen and blistered fingers. That's dedication ya'll.

Word of advice: beware the brownie sundae gods. They're not in a good mood tonight.

love, hugs, and oven mitts...

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