Monday, October 27, 2008

Deep breath...

::SIGH:: A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders as I have officially finished my feature news package on blogs! After over seven hours in the editing lab (seven CONSECUTIVE hours) I finally finished (after making a panicked phone call to a friend in the class who came to the stadium at like 8:30 just to help me out - Thanks Angelo! You're "the greatest"). I'm really proud of the final project. Some of yall's pages are in it!

So two packages down, one to go... but I can't think of what to do it on. Any ideas anyone?

Well now it's time to work on my next story, a book report, research paper, photography project, and weekly reaction papers and quizzes. Whew.

Is it Halloween yet?

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SouthernBelle said...

Glad you got your work done!!