Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lovely, never ever change...

Well I thought I'd give this blogging craze a try. I figure I've put it off long enough... time to jump on the bandwagon.

I feel I should warn you, if words start running together and nothing makes sense, it's because I've had a total of about 12 hours of sleep this week. I literally guzzle coffee like it's going out of style.

Why am I torturing myself? you ask. Well because I'm insane, that's why. I thought... hey, wouldn't being a reporter or an anchor be a great career? Yeah, sure, sounds fabulous. Except, who knew it would be so dang hard!? So I've been interviewing, filming, writing my script, doing my standup, and now I've reached the editing phase, which is what I imagine to be the equivalent of being placed on one of those medieval torture racks where they pull your arms and legs slowly away from the rest of your body until you just break. I know, doesn't it sound fun? The worst part is... I really enjoy reporting. :-) I'll just have to invest in some magic makeup to hide the big black bags under my eyes.

So on to other things... the next bestseller I've been working on hasn't had any attention in a couple weeks and is getting a little upset about that. So hopefully I'll get back to that soon. I finally gave it a title, and it's a perfect title, except wouldn't you know, there's already a book out there with it. "Just Kiss Me". Isn't that great? Oh well...

So let's talk about yesterday... I had class in the morning, before the sun came up (and if you ask me, no one should be up before the sun is), and then I go upstairs in the stadium to check out my camera equipment. What do ya know, the girl who had my camera before me didn't turn it in on time and wouldn't be able to bring it back until 2:45. Fantastic. So I headed back to my humble abode to get ready for my standup (the part in a news story where the reporter is on camera). So I put on my TV face, which requires using a ridiculous amount of makeup and leaves you feeling like a clown in a circus, and I did my hair - trying to make it all big and voluminous, and failing miserably. However, I finally got it all together in time to go pick up my camera from the stadium. So I start walking to the stadium in the 90 degree heat and what happens? It starts to rain. Yes, you heard me, rain. So the nice straight hair I was sporting just seconds earlier suddenly becomes a frizz ball that would match even the greatest afro. I finally got my equipment and made the long trek back to my room where I proceeded to redo my hair and get ready. My package partner called and asked if I could meet her at the bookstore to film her standup. Of course... so I walked back out, in the rain, in my little TV get-up, and my feet got soaked and started sliding around in my heels. So then I'm walking like a penguin trying to keep my shoes on. Not pretty. Really. Anyway... after a ton of things go wrong the rest of the day. I finally get to sit down to some dinner (frozen Michelina's... oh yes... gourmet). And what happens next? I spill fettuccine alfredo on my skirt. Of course. So I try to clean that up and then walk to the Police Station on campus with a wet spot on my skirt to film my standup (thankfully it didn't show).

So after a long and torturous day I finally got to wash my face, put on my jammies (which are quickly falling apart from so many washes), and watched Bones. I decided I deserved a brownie sundae (and if you know me, you know I decide this a lot), only to find out that I'm out of ice cream. I wanted to cry. So I just made the brownie, and it was definitely not as satisfying, but what's a girl to do?

Well now that I've complained for a good while... I think I'll go prepare for a long day and night. (There are many hours of editing ahead of me). And for anyone here at FSU that loves me and feels oh so sorry for me... I'll be in University Center D upstairs all night and coffee would be much appreciated. :-)

keep on truckin...

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