Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh, blondie...

I'm not a fan of blonde jokes, for obvious reasons, and I do my best to prove to the world that not all blondes are morons. Well... the smart blondes of the world took a hit today from one of their own on FSU's campus.

I was walking to class, minding my own business, checking everyone out (I'm a big people watcher; friends have had to kick me to make me stop staring on occasion). Anyway, I walk past a girl wearing a shirt that says, "Brunette is the new blonde." Fine, whatever, I can't say anything because I have a shirt that says "I had a nightmare I was a brunette." So I'm thinking, ok cool, whatever, until I glance up at her hair. Blonde. The girl had blonde hair! Hello!!!! Does she not realize that she is, indeed, a blonde!? So needless to say, us intelligent blondes (or even those with any clue at all) will be having to work extra hard around here to save face.

So to all you smart golden-haired beauties, stay true to your do.

Blondie Hart

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