Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sweet home Titusville...

Today I'm going home for a much needed weekend of family and friends. I've got a bunch of fun things planned, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, shopping, watching G-squared with mom and Ky, a haircut from amazing Shannon, and hopefully some relaxation.

I used to hate living in a small town because everyone knows everyone's business, but what I would give right now for someone to tell me all about so-and-so, or going to my favorite restaurants and skipping the whole ordering process altogether. Yes Louis's, Sonny's, Your Place, and El Leoncito's - that means you.

If I don't blog (which probably won't happen because let's face it, I'm addicted) it's because I'm too busy soaking up the booming metropolis (hah!) that I call home.

So bring on the gossip and small town hospitality - I'm coming home!

Dorothy Hart

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elizabeth Langgle said...

i'll miss you! enjoy home sweet home! :)