Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How bout a round of applause...

FINALLY! I have some wonderful (and I really mean WONDERFUL) news!!! Where to begin? Let's start with the beginning...

I'm currently taking a political communication course that is really interesting. The professor is great and really knows what he's talking about. The problem is, he doesn't use slides, or give notes... he just lectures. Don't get me wrong, I love that teaching style because it encourages interaction and discussion among the class, which is really important in a political class, especially with this upcoming election. The problem arises when it comes time to take tests. Let's just say the day he handed back the first test was not one of my prouder moments. I'm a big fan of A's. Not too crazy about D's. The class average was a 68. Yeah.

So today we start talking about the second test coming up next week and out of no where MacNamara says he has a theory about this generation of college students. He said he wants to prove his colleagues wrong and show that students don't have to be tested in order to come to class, pay attention, take notes, and really learn. So what did he do? He cancelled the test. CANCELLED IT! But there's more... Not only did he cancel the test, but he's giving us all 100's. Oh yeah.

Well obviously we were all skeptical. Is he kidding? Did the stock market really push MacNamara off the edge? But no... he was serious, and I applaud him.

I don't mind tests, I'm usually pretty good at them, but I totally agree that students who really care will still come to class and truly learn without the threat of having a test looming over them.

So MacNamara, here's to you. May others follow your noble lead.

love, hugs, and A's...

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