Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"That was sooo weird!!!"

Ok, I realize I'm on a blogging frenzy today, but I just have to share with ya'll some crazy stuff. And I really mean insane. (Courtney is most likely blogging about the same exact thing this instant so read both of ours... hers is probably much more hilarious.)

So Court and I decide to go on an excursion away from campus today. Ross, Target, Michaels, Cracker Barrel, and Publix. Anyway, we head to the parking garage and see a young man in a blue car (which looks like a 1970s police car) looking for a parking spot. Being the charming girls that we are, we tell him that we're heading to our car on the 3rd floor and we'll wait for him to get there so he can have our spot. He says the usual thank yous and we tell him where we're parked.

We head up there and a guy is parked by the stairs stalking people as they come up to go to their cars. We tell him, yes, we're leaving, but we already told someone he could have our spot. Sure enough, buddy comes around the corner. "Did ya'll turn that guy down for me?" "Yep," Courtney says. "Thanks!" Gotta love a guy that is genuinely thankful.

So we head out and he takes our spot as we all wave at each other. Good times. We go out on our excursion and basically have more fun than should be allowed. And spent way too much money. Oh well... they say you should do what you're good at.

Anyway, we finally make our way back to campus and the dreaded parking garage. I'm feeling good though, because Courtney is my good luck parking charm. So we look around on the first two floors to no luck and head to the 3rd floor, where what do you know... we park in the exact same spot we left 4 hours earlier. THE SAME SPOT!!! And as if that wasn't crazy enough... our blue car buddy (who we have now named Officer Chase) comes driving up the ramp. He spots us and gives a wave. HOW INSANE IS THAT!?

So that's our weird story. What are the chances!?

love, hugs, and de ja vu

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